Discover the world of colors, flavors and recipes that the Amazonia Region has for you. It’s millenary and exquisite herbs are the ideal complement in the cuisine of this region because they manage to add the secret touch in each of their dishes. We want you to know some of the traditional food of the Colombian Amazonia region that will undoubtedly make you fall in love.


  • Piraña: It is the most delicious dish of the Amazon according to the inhabitants of the region is the piranha, a fish that can be consumed both roasted and fried and / or in soup, accompanied by yucca and banana. Care should be taken when consuming it since this fish usually has many bones.


  • Patarashca: The patarashca rasca is one of the typical dishes of this region. It is a fish wrapped in bijao and plants, can be prepared boiled, roasted or baked and served with fariña, banana and tucupí, a typical broth of the region.


  • Arroz Chaufa: This delicious recipe contains rice as its main ingredient, it is accompanied with vegetables and stir-fried meats. It looks like Chinese rice, however, each of its ingredients manages to provide a particular and delicious flavor.


  • Mojojoy: The natives eat it unscrupulously and maybe it’s one of the most exotic dishes you’ll ever meet. The Mojojoy is a larva or worm that is fished underground, and although it may seem scary to many, it has a lot of nutrients, contains zero cholesterol and a good source of energy.


Remember that at Almirante Cartagena Hotel you can enjoy exquisite typical dishes prepared by our chef. You can also learn much more about the Colombian culture and you will fall in love with the taste and, we will make you feel at home.


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