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Pet Friendly Regulations

Lodging Regulations with Pets

Lodging with pets at the Hotel Almirante Cartagena is allowed under the conditions established in these regulations. By signing this document, the guest agrees to comply with these conditions without prejudice to the policies established in the hotel registration form and under the same effects of the accommodation contract.

It is the guest's responsibility to:

1 . Present support of the pet’s health status and vaccinations.
2 . Respect the instructions of the hotel team on the areas of the hotel where pets are not allowed, for example, the restaurants and the pool area.
3. Keep your pets under your supervision in the public and transit areas of the hotel, using the safety accessories that are necessary according to the nature of your pets (muzzle, collar, leash, etc.).
4 . Take your pets out to relieve themselves under the rules of coexistence applicable in public environments and take responsibility for their waste.
5 . Be financially responsible for any potential damage caused by your pets to the facilities, endowment, equipment or furniture of the hotel.
6 . Respond in accordance with legal requirements to any aggression by the pet to hotel staff, other guests, visitors or contractors.
7 . Provide food for your pet.

Other points of interest:

1 . The hotel has a canine safety device, it is recommended to take the necessary precautions when traveling with your pet, the Hotel Almirante Cartagena and the hired security company are not responsible for any incident.
2 . Pets are the sole responsibility of their owners, you must be careful with balconies, elevators and other spaces that may pose a risk to them.
3 . No more than two pets are allowed per room.
4 . Only domestic animals are allowed, wildlife trafficking is a crime in our country.
5 . Pets should not weigh more than 15 kilos.
6 . The waste produced by the pet must be collected by its owners.
7 . You must comply with the regulations related to pet ownership.
8 . Pets should not be left alone in the rooms. An additional charge of at least $400,000 will apply if pets soil, damage or create excessive clutter in the room.
9 . Noise should be kept to a minimum. Dogs barking or cat meows can disturb guests. If you leave your pet in the room unattended and making noise, the hotel staff will remove your pet from the room and move it to another location in the hotel, which guarantees the peace of mind of the other guests and you will be charged a minimum fee of $200,000.
10 . For your pet’s safety and comfort, the maid will NOT clean your room if your pet is left unattended. If you and your pet are in the room while the waitress is present, your pet must be on a leash or in a pet crate. Please contact the housekeeper about the time you prefer for cleaning your room.
11 . The pet owner will be responsible for the repair and/or replacement of any items stained or damaged by their pets.
12 . You agree to respect and indemnify BC HOTELES SA from any claims or damages related to your pet or domestic animal during your stay at the hotel, including any claims from third parties.

* You must pay the value of your pet’s boarding fee.

Value Per Pet
per night: $100,000

2 Adults, 0 Childs
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