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Cartagena for diving lovers: Exploring the seabed

Cartagena for diving lovers: Exploring the seabed

Prepare your gear, adjust your diving goggles and dive with us into this exciting underwater adventure.


  • Cartagena, known for its rich history and colonial architecture, is also home to an underwater treasure that captivates diving enthusiasts. The warm waters of the Caribbean Sea are home to vibrant coral reefs, an impressive array of marine life, and historic shipwrecks.


  • Exclusive Dive Experiences, tour guides will guide you through the best dive sites, from colorful reefs to captivating shipwrecks. Fancy a night dive to discover marine life in a new light?


  • At Hotel Almirante, your underwater experience extends beyond the depths of the ocean. Our rooms offer stunning ocean views, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean from the comfort of your own space.


  • After an exciting day underwater, return to the hotel and satisfy your appetite with our sea-inspired menu. From delicious fresh seafood dishes to tropical cocktails, our restaurant offers a culinary experience that complements your day of diving.


Tips for Beginner Divers

If you’re new to scuba diving, don’t worry! Discover the underwater world with the help of expert instructors who will accompany you on your first underwater adventures.


Explore beyond scuba diving, Cartagena has so much more to offer. Discover the cultural richness of the old town, relax on the white-sand beaches, or venture out on an excursion to the Rosario Islands for a well-rounded experience.


Book your underwater adventure At Hotel Almirante, we are excited to be your base to explore the mysterious seabed of Cartagena. Are you ready to immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience? Book your stay with us and discover the beauty that awaits under the waters of the Colombian Caribbean!


We hope to see you soon to live this exciting underwater adventure together! Remember, at Hotel Almirante, every day is a new opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in the magic of Cartagena. ????????????


Book your accommodation now: www.hotelalmirantecartagena.com.co



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