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What you should pack in your suitcase to go to Cartagena!

What you should pack in your suitcase to go to Cartagena!

As fresh as it is authentic, that’s Cartagena! And those are precisely some of the characteristics that the items you decide to include in your suitcase must have if you are planning to visit La Fantástica.

Here we tell you what things you definitely can’t miss!


To explore the city

  • Light-colored clothes: Can you imagine walking through the magical and historic streets of the City of Cartagena under intense rays of sunlight wearing the wrong kind of clothing? Surely it would not be the most pleasant experience and it is for this reason that we suggest that you include mainly light-colored garments in your luggage. This will make you feel more comfortable and cool since clothing in this color absorbs UV rays to a lesser extent.


We also recommend that the garments you select are versatile, that is, that you can use them in both formal and informal contexts, so you won’t have to worry if at a certain time somewhere you are asked to dress in a certain way by etiquette rules.


  • Vibrantly Colored Accessories: Cartagena de Indias is probably one of the most important cities in the world. Instagrammable of Colombia, and you could say that you can practically find the Spot Perfect in any of its colonial streets, so of course you should bring those dresses, shirts, Bermuda shorts, pants and accessories in warm, cheerful and fun colors, because you can definitely show them off like nowhere else.
  • Footwear: Comfort and style! That’s what you should keep in mind when selecting the shoes that will accompany you on this trip. Don’t forget to bring with you a soft and reliable pair of sneakers and/or sandals for the daily walks that await you, as well as shoes that will “save” you on occasions when you want to look more elegant.


Inside your beach bag

  • Sunscreen: Wear the one you know works best for your skin type and be sure to apply it frequently to be protected from UV rays at all times.
  • Hat or cap: in addition to protecting you from the sun’s rays, this accessory will definitely be the one that gives the beach touch to your outfit. Wear your favorite and succeed on Instagram by uploading the best selfies.
  • Sunglasses: they come in all colors, shapes and sizes… Here the important thing is that you choose that pair of lenses with which you feel very comfortable and that of course are of excellent quality.
  • Swimsuit: choose the one that makes you feel best, and if you want to wear more than two, don’t hesitate. Do it!
  • Towel: A light towel will be your best ally to spend a quiet afternoon in the sun while you tan, have a refreshing drink or read a good book.
  • Sandals: Always necessary! They will make your beach life one hundred percent easier.


For your well-being and safety

  • Documents: as obvious as it may seem, it is worth reminding yourself that if there is one thing you cannot forget, it is to pack your identity card, passport (if you are a foreigner) and vaccination card up to date.


Now that you’re ready, so are we! At Hotel Almirante Cartagena we are waiting for you with open arms to welcome you to the great Cartagena de Indias.


We have everything you need to make your stay in the Walled City more than an experience, an unforgettable memory.

Book here: www.hotelalmirantecartagena.com.co


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